Different Leadership Attributes and Skills

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15 horas


This course is one of several leadership courses offered by Pitman Training – it focuses not
just on learning leadership skills, but also includes techniques to analyse what sort of a
leader you might be.


  • The online course introduces and covers key ideas,
  • including: Styles of Leadership; Leadership Attributes and
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Career and work-focused learning
  • Specially designed learning activities help you put into
  • practice the new habits and skills you have gained. They
  • reinforce your learning and create a memorable coursestyle.
  • Interactive ‘Quick Quizzes' give you the chance to test
  • your new-found knowledge
  • Learning bookmarks built into the system, so you can
  • easily start again where you left off
  • Automatic progress tracking helps


If you are new to management or are looking for promotion, additional responsibility or to broaden your opportunities then this course will give you key insights into successful leadership and how to make the most of your own leadership attributes.
Leadership Skills and Attributes lasts between 8-15 hours and is provided in an e-learning format so you can learn at home, at a pace to suit you. Every Pitman Training centre also has Course
Advisors, so there is always additional support on hand should you feel it necessary.
What's more, our online system will help you track your progress and take you straight back to where you left off, as well as help build your motivation. There is also a generous six-month window to complete the programme. You don't need to load software onto your computer and you'll need broadband, plus Microsoft Word 97 or above (or a word-processing program fully compatible with Word).


Minimum level of English B2


15 horas
Different Leadership Attributes and Skills
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