MSC International Financial Management & Control

1 año
17000 €


El MSc International Financial Management & Control te formará con las competencias necesarias para analizar problemas financieros y de control complejos, con técnicas de análisis de datos de vanguardia.
Como joven profesional, este programa te proporcionará una formación sólida para tomar decisiones de gestión, desde una pluralidad de perspectivas en un contexto internacional, complejo y de rápido cambio del contexto socioeconómico.


1st term
In order to get to know the content program of this Master of Science in finance, you must know that the first term is divided into 5 modules, designed to provide you with sound fundamentals in financial management & control.
International Financial Reporting & Analysis
Management Accounting & Control
Advance Performance Management
Digital Accounting & Data Analytics
Research Methods in Financial Management & Control I
2nd term
This period is divided into 4 modules, based around the development of a financial strategy and the understanding of international corporate governance from a sustainable perspective.
Financial Strategy
Financial Management & Auditing
Corporate Governance & Sustainability
Research Methods in Financial Management & Control II

Competencias para las que te prepara el curso

Analyze complex financial and controlling problems, with cutting-edge data-analysis techniques and technologies. Moreover, the program will provide you with well-grounded training to make managerial decisions, from a plurality of perspectives in an international, complex, and fast-changing socio-economic context.


The MSc International Financial Management & Control is targeted at junior professionals who are looking to launch their careers in finance, accounting, or control departments at any kind of company, financial institutions, auditing, and consulting firms.

Idiomas en los que se imparte




Titulación obtenida

This certificate is the result of a collaboration between 26 lecturers and professionals in leadership and management, in conjunction with TBS Career Starter.


Management & Control will give you the chance to work on practical projects with real companies that will allow you to experiment with what you have learned in class.


With the help of TBS lecturers, students will work out a strategy to analyze the company's competition and positioning. After a discussion, they will put forward strategic and operational recommendations to respond to the issues facing the company.


Full Time
MSC International Financial Management & Control
TBS Business School
Campus y sedes: TBS Business School
TBS Business School - Barcelona
C/Trafalgar, 10 08010 Barcelona
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