Curso de User Experience Design Part Time


60 Horas


Come and learn a mindset that will change how you approach problem-solving and streamline your creative process.  

The objective of this bootcamp is that you will learn and apply all the new concepts to hands-on projects where you will learn the true impact of bringing empathy to design. 

This bootcamp is designed to be an introduction to the world of user experience design. Organizations have woken up to the power of human-centered design and how it can produce better outcomes. The tools and methodologies we will be exploring could be applied in any area of work, not only in creative fields. We will apply all the new concepts to hands-on projects where you can see the true impact of bringing empathy to design. Most of the knowledge you'll acquire during this class will last a lifetime, because regardless of the technology we use, what we do in the field of user experience is design for humans.



Remote. 1-2 weeks. 
Pre-work and Recommended reads before starting the course.
On Campus. 
  • Block 1 – Design Thinking + Creative Sprint. Project 1.
  • Block 2 – Creative Sprint. Project 1.
  • Block 3 – User Research + Usability Evaluation. Project 2.
  • Block 4 – Information Architecture (I) . Project 2.
  • Block 5 – Information Architecture (II). Project 2.
  • Block 6 – Information Architecture (III). Project 2.
  • Block 7 – Visual Design. Project 3.
  • Block 8 – Interaction Design & Prototyping (I). Project 3.
  • Blocks 9-10 – Interaction Design & Prototyping (II). Presentation Project 3.

Competencias para las que te prepara el curso

You will learn the skills and methodologists needed to become a good UX/UI designer. On top of that you will be able to build a personal portfolio to apply for future jobs.

As a UX designer you will be responsable of designing processes to create better solutions. Put together strategies to learn about the users of our product. Empathise with the customers and deliver products that fit their needs. Organise content strategy and content models. Compose a well balanced, beautiful and usable interfaces. Create prototypes for user testing.


  • Career changers: For women hesitating about a career change, this class is a window into the life of a professional user experience Designer and how we work.

  • Career Boosters: Women who are established in their professional career acquire problem-solving tools from designers and apply them to their field.

  • Entrepreneurs: Women who run their own venture or have an entrepreneurial mindset and want to minimize the risk of failing. Understanding your users and how to shape your adventure based on their feedback.


People come to user experience from all kinds of different fields, from journalism to software development, and they all bring unique expertise for a different UX competency.

Diverse backgrounds are an asset to the course. 

Prior to the start of the course, you will be given a pre work to start getting acquaintance with the basic terminology of a UX/UI designer. And it will give the basic level for you to start and follow from the first day of the program.


Prueba de acceso

There's an assessment every student needs to do to asset the level of each group. They will also do a personal interview to make sure they match your personal goals. CV + motivational letter needed.


The class is structured around projects where the students will apply all knowledge acquired throughout the classes. There would be a balance of theory and hands-on work during the classes, with more emphasis on the explanation of tools and methodologies in the earlier classes, and more practice with personalized feedback towards the end. Expect homework for every lesson, within reason. Remember that the more you put into it, the more you'll take away from this class.

Idiomas en los que se imparte


Tipo de evaluación

There's a weekly presentation of your projects, you will also need to present your projects to your mentors and on you're final day to recruiters and members of the allWomen community.


Summer edition July 8th to August 2nd. Monday to Friday, 15h to 18h.
Sept. 30th to Dec. 5th. Monday and Wednesday 18h to 21h.




60h lective hours + 60h and project work
10 mentorship hours

Lugar donde se imparte el curso

Avenida Frances Cambó, 17, 08003 Barcelona


  • Understand the creative process mindset and possibilities.

  • Design a strategy for user research and usability testing.

  • Create basic artifacts for the information architecture of a digital product.

  • Learn the principles of interaction design.

  • Get familiar with design and prototyping tools.

Titulación obtenida

Certified by allWomen and its hiring partners.

Perspectivas laborales

User designer, user researcher , product designer , UX strategist.. Be ready to master the skills of one of the most demanded jobs in technology.


  • Early rates and upfront payment advantages available. 

  • allWomen is certified by Fundae (Formacion Tripartita) so companies who invest in their team upskiling can benefit from its economical discounts.

Ventajas del curso

They are strongly committed to bring female talent to the tech industry ready to bring positive impact on the field. Parallel to the technology content of our bootcamps, they are dedicated to develop female leaders, giving emphasis for developing interpersonal skills like teamwork, leadership and project management throughout the programs. This all happens with a hands-on approach, on a women & women-identified-only environment. They have created a safe space where to be the majority for once, be able to relate with each other, having other women as role models.

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Curso de User Experience Design Part Time

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Curso de User Experience Design Part Time