MBA Luxury Brand Management


This course develops an understanding of 'luxury' brand products; in particular how they are defined, marketed and perceived in relation to their geographical location and local culture. The course will focus on how these brands operate and how they are promoted.
Please note this is a 5 week long course (one day per week).

Programme focus
- Marketing and Advertising of Luxury Brands
- Consumer Behaviour
- Luxury Products in Developing and Developed Economies

Key Benefits
• Understanding how to manage and brand luxury products
• Understand the characteristics and symbolism behind luxury goods
• Gain effective tools to communicate luxury products in advertising
• Better understand the consumer decision process
• Understand how to differentiate Luxury Client Profiles .

Who is the module for?
Individuals who are involved or wish to gain a sound knowledge of management and branding of products, either to be able to better apply these skills in current role or to use in the future. For those wishing to a holistic approach on the subject, we advise to look into the Postgraduate Certificate in Brand Management.


Approximately 2 years of relevant business experience and the drive to develop your skills even further
While there are no IELTS or English language requirements, please be aware that the courses are taught in English
Individual short courses may have alternative/additional requirements, please speak to a programme advisor for further information


Intake: Spring, Summer, Autumn.
MBA Luxury Brand Management
London School of Business & Finance
Campus y sedes: London School of Business & Finance
London School of Business & Finance
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