Master's in Global Smart City Manager

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In cities, technological innovation and digital transformation applied to urban design and service provision will determine the need to develop new professional skills and new productive sectors.
The need to understand the logics of these new cities and to know the global bases of the new urban agendas will require holistic and integral vision that allows to attend the design and implementation of new projects. 
Classic traditional skills need to be updated to address the complexity of the urban phenomenon, while new professions linked to smart cities appear.
The forms of work organization, its decentralization, and the need for the participation of different professionals, as well as the rapid expansion of telecommunications networks, make it necessary to acquire the appropriate skills and knowledge to choose the options that best suit our needs.
And, we must learn to do it in a collaborative way, in a network and therefore transversal, leaving aside the vertical and watertight options.



Block 1: Introduction and Basic Concepts
  • Module 1: New Urban Agenda For Cites 4.0
  • Module 2: Smart Urban Development
  • Module 3: Smart Building And Equipment
Block 2: Material Areas
  • Module 1: Infrastructures And Mobility
  • Module 2: Sustainability And Circular Economy
  • Module 3: Smart Networks Infrastructures
Block 3: Applied Content
  • Module 1: Strategic Project Financing
  • Module 2: Provision Of Urban Services
  • Module 3: Citizens, Government And Data Valorisation
Block 4: Master's Final Thesis
In master's final thesis the students will propose a subject, an object of work within the framework of the areas studied in the different subjects of the master's program.


Professionals in the fields of architecture, civil engineering and industrial engineering; professionals who implement new applications in the field of sustainable cities (Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Engineering); Members of the public administration that works in the departments of urban planning, management of the economy, other professionals and future entrepreneurs.


06/05/2020 al 06/05/2021


  • Train participants in a transversal way, in the new paradigm of global digital transformation that will affect the professional world in the coming years and that takes shape in cities through Smart Cities models
  • To deepen in the multiple managerial scopes in which the implementation of these models affects and to analyse in detail and concrete examples each of them, as well as to become familiar with their ecosystems in order to follow the evolution that is taking place in all of them.
  • Know the business models, financing frameworks and new emerging economies around the Smart Cities management models. Know the existence of new professional and business opportunities, and evaluate them and their growth prospects in the short, medium and long term.

Master's in Global Smart City Manager
Zigurat Global Institute of Technology
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Zigurat Global Institute of Technology
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