Master in Hospitality Management

Máster oficial
Oficial / Homologado
Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona)
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The Master in Hospitality Management is ideal for both career changers who wish to move into hospitality, and for career climbers who are already in the field and wish to fast-track their careers. A bachelor's degree in studies related to business (Business studies, Law, PR, Marketing, etc.), engineering or tourism is required, as well as business English (test of level before acceptance for admission).
The Master in Hospitality Management offers two concentrations:
  • Hotel Management
  • Food & Beverage and Restaurant Management


The study plan includes theoretical classes, practical classes and masterclasses by international hotel and restaurant managers.

- Professional Induction with 80h of practical training in a real environment:

  • Food & Beverage Service Operations 

  • Food Preparation Operations

  • Introductory Wine Course

  • Communication and Public Speaking Semester 1:
    Core Courses:

  • Hospitality Economics and Finance 

    • Hospitality economics and managerial accounting and finance

  • Strategic Management

    • Strategic Management in Hospitality 

    • Total Quality Management & Sustainable Development

    • Entrepreneurship

    • Trends in Hospitality 

  • Talent Development

    • Personnel Development and Corporate Organization

  • Marketing

    • Hospitality Strategic Marketing

    • Revenue and Yield Marketing Management
      Semester 2:
      Core Courses: 

    • Business Research
      • Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
    • Talent Development
      • Hospitality Human Resources Management
    •  Concentrations:
  • Hotel Management
    • Food and Beverage Strategic Management
    • Room Division Management 
    • Hotel Real State and Valuation
    • Hotel Facilities and Design
    • Final Project: Hotel Business Plan
  • Food & Beverage and Restaurant Management
    • Event Planning and Management
    • Food & Beverage Cost Control Management
    • Food & Beverage Process Management 
    • Food & Beverage Sales Management
    • Final Project: Food & Beverage or Restaurant Business Plan 
  •  Practicum:3 to 6 months of Industry internship

Prueba de acceso

Personal interview with a representative of the Admissions Department.

Idiomas en los que se imparte



Duration:9 months of classes from September to June + 3 to 6 months of industry internship.

Titulación obtenida

The MHM is a professional master's degree with qualification from EUHT StPOL and the University Girona choosing from: University Master's Diploma in Hospitality Management by the University of Girona and by the University College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts St Pol de Mar. Official Master's Degree in Tourism Management and Planning: concentration in Hospitality Management by the University of Girona and by the University College of Hospitality Management and and Culinary Arts.


Industry internship once the classes are finished. This internship leads to a real job opportunity and have a duration of 3 to 6 months. The school manages this process.

Perspectivas laborales

Hotel general management, marketing and sales, consulting and development, lodging, Food & Beverage, events.


EUHT StPOL has a study Help Fund for studies in its centre.  The aim of this fund is to assist entrance for candidates to educational programs who for economic reasons have difficulty in enrolling. This help is adjudicated in the form of a percentage of the total basic or academic cost of the course 10% up to 25% based on the academic background and purchasing power of the candidate and those financing the studies.
Some public institutions offer other aids:
  • MAE-AECI Scholarship (for students not members of the European Union).
  • Conpeht Scholarship

Ventajas del curso

100% job placement


The program includes industry guest lecturers from renown international hotel managers from distinguished hotel chains, as well as PhD and lecturers from international universities and operational teachers.


Monday to Thursday part time
Master in Hospitality Management
Escuela Universitaria de Hoteleria y Turismo de Sant Pol de Mar
Campus y sedes: Escuela Universitaria de Hoteleria y Turismo de Sant Pol de Mar
Escuela Universitaria de Hosteleria y Turismo de Sant Pol de Mar
Carretera Nacional II, s/n, km. 664 08395 Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona)
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