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I am contacting you regarding rates and activities offered by our Spanish school for foreigners. The Academy is located at a central area of the capital of Andalusia, we have the best teachers of Spanish, houses, apartments, hotel and many extracurricular activities to get students to integrate into our culture and customs. Below is our price list attached and activities waiting for your reply, to specify rates.

Intensive course:
Monday to Friday  (half hour break through).
For students who want to learn Spanish and deepen their knowledge and pronunciation. All levels and in small groups. € 99 / Week

Super- Intensive course:
Monday to Friday  (with two intermediate landings half an hour).
For students wishing to study and learn a lot in a short time. At all levels and in small groups. Includes 19'30 to 21'00 seminars. € 149 / week

Individual Course "One to One":
One-hour classes in which the student sets the pace and decide you want to consolidate knowledge or learning. Seminars combined with History, Literature and Conversation. (Taught in the morning). € 16 / hour

Conversation: Developing listening and speaking, with communication skills.
Hours: Monday and Wednesday. € 16 / hour
Spanish History: Know the recent history of Spain: readings, pictures and texts adapted.
Hours: Tuesday and Thursday. € 16 / hour
Hispanic Literature: Current overview of Hispanic literature, major movements and trends.
Hours: Friday. € 16 / hour


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