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The Venture Capital Program offers a framework of the venture capital deal cycle and all its critical elements, and helps sharpen your analytical and decision-making skills to prosper in this business. The program will allow you to make you navigate successfully through the stages of the deal process, including identifying opportunities, negotiation strategy, valuation and structuring techniques, portfolio management, value creation, and exit strategies.

If you are an investor, the program is designed to help you:
  • Understand the key drivers in the VC market
  • Screen early-stage investments to discover highgrowth potential opportunities
  • Acquire essential valuation techniques
  • Understand non-financial factors affecting valuation
  • Learn about the key term sheet clauses (vesting, corporate governance, etc.)
  • Ensure effective and ongoing due diligence
  • Pricing and structuring the financing of the deal
  • Negotiate the best terms and understand their financial implications in the shareholder's agreement to avoid costly mistakes
  • Foster value creation by building a constructive relationship with management
  • Explore different exit strategies (IPO, trade sale, secondary buy-out, partial exit, multiple rounds) and their implications
  • Understand the perspective of the entrepreneur
If you are an entrepreneur, the program will help you to:
  • Approach early-stage investors with confidence and maximize your fund-raising chances
  • Understand what VC investors search for whenassessing a deal
  • Learn about the critical stages in a VC deal
  • Improve negotiation skills in order to obtain the best terms
  • Identify potential risks and critical issues when negotiating a deal and avoid costly mistakes
  • Successfully get through a due diligence process
  • Understand the financial implications of the terms in the shareholder's agreement
  • Build a relationship with investors that will Foster value creation


Investing and Fund-raising in High-growth Companies is one of the most comprehensive programs available, as it covers both the investor's and the entrepreneur's perspective, and the "financial skills" as well as the "people skills" necessary in early-stage investing. Understanding the views of all sides of the table and fostering value creation by creating strong bonds with the management teams is key to the success of a venture capital deal.


Venture Capital or private equity firms, family offices, financial institutions, corporate VC groups, professional service firms, consulting firms, advisory firms, foundations and other institutions that promote entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs in high-potential businesses, start-up leaders, chief investment officers, investment principals, managers or directors, business angels, individual investors and business lawyers.

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Date: 22 May 2017 - 24 May 2017
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Curso de Venture Capital
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