Portfolio Management

London School of Business & Finance


Gain an in-depth understanding of portfolio management, whilst exploring portfolio structuring techniques designed to achieve a maximum return for a minimum level of risk. The course will ensure that you gain a solid grasp of the current state of financial markets, as well as the ability to understand the financial press.

Programme focus
- Portfolio structuring
- Capital markets
- Alternative Investments

Key Benefits:
• Understand portfolio management
• Structure portfolios to achieve specific returns
• Evaluate the current state of the financial markets
• Fully understand what is written in the financial press

Who is the module for?
This course was created for individuals with an existing knowledge of financial products as well as alternative investments, who wish to be able to analyse and create a portfolio of investment products.


? Approximately 2 years of relevant business experience and the drive to develop your skills even further ? While there are no IELTS or English language requirements, please be aware that the courses are taught in English ? Individual short courses may have alternative/additional requirements, please speak to a programme advisor for further information


Intake: February, June, September.


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Portfolio Management
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