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Master of Laws in International Transactions (LL.M. in International Transactions)

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The law firm Garrigues, in collaboration with Centro de Estudios Garrigues, Universidad de Nebrija and Fordham University (one of the oldest legal institutions in the U.S.) has designed an LL.M. program specializing in international transactions and business law.

The LL.M. in International Transactions provides experienced lawyers with global, multidisciplinary training and knowledge of the Common Law system and in different business law disciplines.

The ongoing internationalization of business transactions calls for lawyers with multidisciplinary training, a global outlook and specific knowledge of the principles and fundamentals of Common Law.

Against this backdrop, in order to develop their careers, lawyers need to acquire specific skills and knowledge of the international legal situation on the ground, as well as of the legal implications of simultaneously applying laws across several jurisdictions.

The program helps supplement the legal training of reasonably experienced lawyers, in line with the current international business environment. Such specialist training is, in itself, key to future economic and social development.
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  1. Common Law + International Business Law: The program starts with a two-week period of study at Fordham Law School in New York, during which students will be introduced to the fundamentals of the Common Law system, with particular reference to the globalization of American and UK laws. The program continues online with a series of international business law subjects, covering issues regularly addressed by lawyers specializing in international transactions when advising their clients.
  2. Management & Soft Skills: In this area, students build on self-knowledge, self-leadership and full understanding in order to develop their professional skills as future team leaders. Students also enter into the insights of the decision making process of managers and negotiation techniques.
  3. Practical case studies: Specialties: With a focus on legal workshops, students work on practical case studies in a wide range of legal specialties that complement the content previously studied, offering a more comprehensive overview of international legal advice. The training program is completed with sessions about relevant issues to be considered in international transactions.
  4. End-of-Degree Project: During their training, students carry out an end-of-degree project on an international case, which they must defend before a panel made up of the members of the program's teaching staff.
  5. Internship period: The program includes a period of professional work experience in order to consolidate the knowledge acquired. Where students are already working in a position related to the program content, such work may be accepted in lieu of the professional work experience component.
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The program is aimed at talented professionals with at least three years' proven experience at corporations or law firms who wish to pursue an international career, with a view to providing them with comprehensive and systematic knowledge of international legal practice.


Course type: Study period at Fordham Law School+ Online Training+ Study period at Centro de Estudios Garrigues
Dedication: Part time.
The course is designed to maximize returns on the effort made by each student, ensuring the program is compatible with their professional activity. With this in mind, the LL.M. in International Transactions is taught from a practical perspective, combining the experiences of the teaching staff and the students themselves.
The program combines on-site training in New York and Madrid, and the provision of content through virtual sessions.
Students are taught a balanced mix of legal study and practical case studies in order to enhance their ability to come up with alternatives and suggest innovative solutions.

Idiomas en los que se imparte

The program is developed mostly in English. Some sessions or virtual content may be in Spanish.


From October to June.
2 weeks: Study period at Fordham Law School .
7 months: Online Training.
7 weeks: Study period at Centro de Estudios Garrigues.


The LL.M. aims to provide suitable training, with a decidedly international focus, to global lawyers with extensive technical knowledge of their area of expertise.

The course offers a comprehensive, systematic, practical and current analysis of cross-border M&A deals, corporate finance transactions and international contracts, comparing different legal systems. The program will enhance their ability to advise international clients and to offer solutions to cross-border jurisdictional cases and disputes.

Titulación obtenida

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be awarded an official recognized Diploma of Master of Laws in international transactions from Universidad de Nebrija.
Students will also receive a diploma accrediting their studies at Fordham School of Law.


30.000 €
This fee includes accommodation during the study period at Fordham University in New York.

Ventajas del curso

The course includes workshops on areas of legal expertise, offering a global overview of advisory services in international transactions and taking an eminently practical approach.

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Master of Laws in International Transactions (LL.M. in International Transactions)

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Master of Laws in International Transactions (LL.M. in International Transactions)