Máster MSc in Finance

Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)
10 meses
Precio 26.500 €


The ESADE Master in Finance programme (60 ECTS) is directed at recent graduates.

It will develop the skills and knowledge you need for a career in international finance, giving you a general and socially responsible perspective on the role of companies.

By analysing corporate financial decision-making processes and studying financial statements in detail, you will gain an international perspective on global markets. The knowledge you acquire in the classroom will be augmented by your exposure to ESADE's famously diverse and multicultural environment, giving you real and practical insights.


  • ?Pre-Programme in Finance (PPF)
  • Welcome Week
  • Term 1: Foundations of Finance
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Term 2: Advanced Financial Management
  • Term 3: Electives
  • Summer term
  • Graduation
What to do after an MSc:

Extend your studies one more year, including a 10-week internship abroad, and make this an incredible international experience.

Double Degrees
External Double Degree: Spend a whole second year in one of our prestigious partner schools around the world and earn an official degree from both institutions.
Internal Double Degree is not available for this programme.


Admission requirements: This programme is primarily intended for those with undergraduate degrees in Business Administration or Economics. However, those with other degrees can still be considered for admission. In the latter case, the Admissions Committee will assess their candidacies, and, if admitted they will be required to enrol in the Pre-Programme in Finance (PPF) course which usually starts three weeks before the beginning of the regular Master in Finance classes.

To apply for the Master in Finance programme, students must demonstrate a solid quantitative background via their undergraduate degree, additional coursework, and/or a high GMAT quantitative score. The Admissions Committee will review each candidate's eligibility individually.

Before beginning the MSc in Finance programme, students must have earned an undergraduate degree entitling them to undertake postgraduate studies in the degree-granting country. 

Idiomas en los que se imparte

Language: English, with the possibility of studying a number of electives courses in Spanish.


Start date 2017: 19th September, 2017. The Finance Pre-Programme starts on 28th August, 2017 (only students required to take it).


By the time you graduate, you will have acquired:
  • Mastery over the essential finance tools and concepts, with a broad overview of capital markets and the corporate world.
  • An international perspective on the competitive financial environment and a high degree of competence to adapt to changes and overcome challenges.
  • The ability to carry out of research, analyse and synthesise, enabling you to make decisions considering the role and interests of different stakeholders.
  • A global vision of organisations, focusing on the interaction between finance and company strategy.
  • An in-depth understanding of your chosen field through specialised tracks: Corporate Financial Management or Asset Management and Banking.


  • MSc in Finance (MIF): € 26,500
  • MIF + CEMS: € 36,500
  • MIF + Internal Double Degree: € 38,500
  • MIF + External Double Degree: € 36,500
Scholarships: ESADE has a wide range of scholarships available.


Precio 26.500 €
Precio: 26500 euros. f

Lugar donde se imparte el curso

Barcelona - Sant Cugat Campus
Máster MSc in Finance
Escola Superior d'Administració d'Empreses ESADE
Campus y sedes: Escola Superior d'Administració d'Empreses ESADE
Escola Superior d'Administració d'Empreses ESADE
Av. Torre Blanca, 59 08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)
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