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Descripción del centro

More than 5,000 international students have studied at Spanish Institute since it was founded in 1982.  Students of all ages, teachers and professors, interns and volunteers have participated in our language programs which enable students to improve their Spanish as they learn to communicate easily and effectively in a short period of time. This wonderful, unique and enriching opportunity to live a cultural immersion in the magestic city of Seville is a life changing experience.
What Makes Us Different
One of the most important features that characterizes us is our personal attention every step of the way. From the moment you decide to come to Seville, to your arrival at the airport and during your stay, we will make sure you feel at home. 
Another essential feature is that we work with an effective learning methodology that promotes fluency from the beginning. In fact, we offer training for teachers who teach Spanish as a foreign language in many countries. 
In addition to language, we want to share our culture and history, our way of life to strengthen ties and promote understanding between different cultures. 
One more feature to highlight is the quality from a human and professional point of view of our programs. 
The mission of Spanish Institute for Global Education is to contribute to the construction of a better world through effective language learning and be the meeting point between different cultures, beliefs and ideologies.
Our invitation to travel creates spaces for personal and professional growth.
We are proud of our task and we want to expand it by collaborating with more countries and opening new courses that respond to the needs of 21st century society.


Ventajas de estudiar en este centro
  • Strong interest in the methodological effectiveness of teaching.
  • Collaboration between educational institutions from different countries.
  • Innovative spirit and openness to change.
  • Promotion of cultural immersion.
  • Open, flexible and global character.
  • Personal attention.
  • Love and respect for diversity.
  • Orientation towards the values of peace, collaboration and understanding between cultures.
  • Caring for the "common home" respecting the environment.
  • Commitment and responsibility.
More than 5,000 international students have studied at Spanish Institute since it was founded in 1982.
Modelo educativo
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Qué ofrece este centro
  • Study abroad programs for university students and here in Seville we collaborate with four universities.
  • Internship programs in companies.
  • Volunteer programs.
  • Spanish Language and Cultural Programs.
  • Programs for high school students.
  • Experiences to learn Spanish while developing a skill: Photography, Flamenco, Sports, Dance or Cooking.
  • Programs for Spanish teachers.
  • Programs to support teachers who wish to travel with their group of students to Spain.
  • Programs for adult learners in culture and Spanish, "Conocer Andalucía".

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