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British Education Academy is a modern education company  looking to bring to you a thoroughly professional, highly innovative, and comprehensively personalised system of education currently catering for children between seven and fourteen years of age. We are currently the only Academy that specialises in offering help to those attending schools which follow the British national curriculum. However, we are still able to offer our assistance to children undergoing their education at both International and Bilingual schools. With thanks to our strictly tailored method of teaching, we are proud to be able to cater for any student who comes through our doors. We believe that by focusing on the unique demands and requirements of each child as an individual, we can give them the opportunity, as well as the skills, to do as well as they possibly can both now, and in the future.


Ventajas de estudiar en este centro
  • EA have the best method of education available, which is based on scientific research into how the brain works when learning new knowledge.
  • BEA are currently the only supplementary education service specialised is helping children attending British schools. 
  • BEA can gurantee that your child makes progress if they follow our method.
  • BEA will provide you with reports after each lesson describing what your child has achieved and feedback on any difficulties they have encountered.
  • BEA provides a premier education service due to the level of expereience and qualificatins of our teachers.
  • Personalised Study Programme individually tailored for each child to ensure that all of our pupils are learning in the most efficient and effective way.
  • Retention of what is learnt by using our revision method.
  • Child centred Learning and Assessment to help them to take control of their own learning.
  • Step by step approach to allow children and parents to see visible evidence of consistent progress.
  • Motivation to encourage all of our pupils to work for their own benefit. The stars system allows them to see how far they are pushing their learning, and this should act as a motivation to only keep getting better.
Modelo educativo
British Curriculum
Qué ofrece este centro
  • Are you thinking about additional education classes for your child? British Education Academy Madrid offers a free initial parent and child consultation along with an in depth assessment. This way you can decide for yourselves if your child needs extra support or not.
  • British Edcuation Academy provides a premier tutoring service and have small groups to ensure that all our students meet the given objectives in lessons. We only employ excellent teachers to ensure that students make the maximum amount of progress and are motivated to learn. On top of having fantastic teachers, we have an innovative learning method which we have our children follow to ensure their brain assimiltes and retains the new knowledge or skills they have learnt.
  • We currently teach children from seven to fourteen years of age in the core subjects English, Mathematics, and Science. We are specialised in tutoring children who are studying at schools that follow the UK national curriculum. However, by using our method of teaching, we are able to cater for all children attending international or bilingual schools. We provide teaching in both one to one and group sessions, though we maintain a strict maximum of eight students in each group to ensure that we still maximise our time with each child.

Campus y sedes

British Education Academy Madrid
C/ Anabel Segura, 10 28108 Alcobendas (Madrid)

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