Exploring the increasing relationship between real estate and the making of a city.

The Master in Real Estate Development (MRED) explores the increasing relationship between real estate and the conscientious development of a city.

It is a one-year advanced degree aimed understanding the breadth and depth of the development process. With a foundation in the economic, financial, strategic, and legal aspects of real estate development throughout the world, this comprehensive course goes beyond traditional subjects of the field. As urbanization, the digital revolution and concerns about global warming are increasing at an unprecedented pace and scale, students must be able to acquire up-to-date knowledge, use new and innovative tools, and have an integrated view of the factors involved in real estate to become leading professionals of the future.


The master is a full time 10 month program in English. It comprises four modules in: Economics, Capital Markets and Finance; Strategic Management; The City, and Legal Frameworks. In addition, due the relevance of digital technologies in real estate, the course will use of the latest technologies of the 21st century in the sector. It will also include site visits (domestic) plus an international visit, and a final project, undertaken by small groups of students working collaboratively.

IE has continually been a leader in the fields of economics and finance. With the support of faculty from IE Business School, this module will enable students to acquire sound training in these fields, but with a direct application to real estate.
Capital markets will be analyzed, along with how they influence the definition of various real estate products. Theoretical financial knowledge will be acquired while developing cutting-edge modelling tools for real estate transactions.
Techniques will be presented to analyze both global and urban economy, as well as the real estate industry.
Our faculty together with relevant international real estate experts have designed a module focused on entrepreneurship and an understanding of complex global investment mechanisms.

This module will enable students to acquire a strategic vision of real estate management. It will provide both technical management skills, based on principles of project management (PMP principles) and RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) accreditation along with general management techniques to work with organizations involved in property development and take specific actions.
A specific and innovative section on Property Management has been created for this program, focusing on comprehensive understanding of the asset's life cycle.  Soft Skills (effective communication, team coordination, negotiation, among other things) so necessary in any position of management will be developed.
Expert faculty from leading companies in the project management and construction industry will transfer their international experience to the students.

Module 3. The City
Throughout this module, real estate activity will be understood within its urban context, analyzing both the synergies and impacts on our cities. Worldwide experts in the field of urbanism, technology, architecture, infrastructure and comprehensive sustainability will present a contemporary view on real estate activity.
The urban setting will be understood as the framework where development activity takes place, analyzing both the city and specific projects and actions. The contribution of quality design to the real estate asset in terms of public space and architecture will be evaluated.
This module will enable an understanding of the latest techniques and technologies (smart cities, bid data, GIS, BIM, etc.) within real estate practice, with special emphasis on the field of sustainability and its contribution to the competitiveness of the real asset product.

Relying on faculty from IE Law School together with legal experts with international experience, our students will gain an understanding of the international legal framework that governs property development.
The goal of this module is to acquire the key legal instruments for the analysis, acquisition, development and building of real estate assets, ranging from urban and environmental regulations to building and construction legislation.
Housing, as an essential component of real estate practice and the development of our cities, is given special attention, focusing on different international approaches to social and affordable housing.
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Degree in architecture, business, economics, engineering, law, management, public policy, urbanism. Ideal candidates are passionate about cities, the built environment and their desire to be involved  in the real estate development process.

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Master in Real Estate Development

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Master in Real Estate Development