Course of Website Design

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The course will take you through each aspect of the design and build process step by step – ensuring your websites are both user friendly and interactive so visitors can easily navigate.

To learn how to build user friendly, interactive sites that visitors can easily navigate, grasping important concepts about layout, colour, and site planning. Students will also explore how to use Photoshop, Flash, and Expression Web, and work with HTML, XHTML, CSS, and DIV Tags. The course also introduces the student to JavaScript and Java and teaches them how to use Dreamweaver or Expression Web to build highly interactive web pages.



Session 1: The Internet Today, Planning the Web Site, Guidelines, XHTML, Images, Colour.

Session 2: Photoshop CS3 Basics, Working with Photoshop CS3, Optimizing Photoshop Images, Tables, Formatting Text, Links.

Session 3: Cascading Style Sheets, CSS Formatting, Frames, Using Multimedia on Web Pages, JavaScript.

Session 4: Java, XML, Server Technologies, Databases, Accessibility, Dreamweaver CS3, Dreamweaver Essentials.

Session 5: Dreamweaver CS3 Templates, Adding Interactivity with Dreamweaver, Building Web Forms with Dreamweaver, CSS with Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver Productivity Tools, XHTML and Dreamweaver.

Session 6: Expression Web, Expression Design Tools, Expression Templates, Adding Interactivity with Expressions, Building Web Forms with Expression, CSS with Expression, XHTML with Expression.

Session 7: Flash CS3, Flash CS3 Animation Basics, Designing Web Sites with Flash, Publishing Flash Movies, Managing Web Sites.


Those wishing to pursue a career in web design.


Minimum level of English B2

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Course of Website Design
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