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Strategic Thinking and Decision Making

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Strategic thinking is a skill that can be learnt with the aid of well-established best practice tools that are used by successful individuals and organisations around the world. If you are involved in or responsible for making decisions that have a strategic impact for your organisation, you appreciate the complexity and business risk when making such decisions. Whist decision risk and complexity can never be fully overcome, this practical and interactive course will help you make more effective decisions through the use of proven strategic thinking and decision making techniques.

By attending this course, participants will:

• Understand strategic decision making processes and their complexities.

• Learn how to use key techniques that will help them in the strategic thinking and decision making process.

• Improve their ability to make decisions and to generate alternative decisions.

• Practice the use of various tools and techniques, and evaluate which tools are best in different scenarios.

• Gain confidence in making complex decisions whilst managing risk and uncertainty.

• Develop business strategies to improve strategic decision making in their organisation and add value to the business.
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• Approximately 2 years of relevant business experience and the drive to develop your skills even further
• While there are no IELTS or English language requirements, please be aware that the courses are taught in English
• Individual short courses may have alternative/additional requirements, please speak to a programme advisor for further information



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Strategic Thinking and Decision Making

Strategic Thinking and Decision Making