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Without a good grasp of the Microsoft Office suite of software programs, you'll struggle to even get past interview stage. So that's why every single Pitman Training diploma holds at least one

or two Microsoft Office courses. But for those of you looking to get up to a good business standard in every program in a short space of time, our Microsoft Office Diploma is the ideal course for you. The diploma includes Microsoft Word, Word Expert, Excel, Excel Expert, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook.


Core Courses:
  • Microsoft Word or Microsoft Word Expert
  • Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Excel Expert
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Outlook


To work in most businesses in Spain, you'll need a good command of the universally accepted Microsoft Office software programs. They are the most commonly used suite of programs and will open the door for you to get a great job in many different industries. Our Microsoft Office Diploma is an intensive course dedicated to giving you the technology skills you need within just four weeks.


A good command of English is required

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140 hours

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You?ll learn Microsoft Office to a good business standard level or if you wish, you can move to expert level. This fast paced diploma will teach you the skills you need in a short space of time.

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Microsoft Office Diploma

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Microsoft Office Plus Diploma

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Microsoft Office Plus Diploma