Escola Superior d'Administració d'Empreses ESADE

Máster MSc in Marketing Management

Escola Superior d'Administració d'Empreses ESADE

10 Meses
  • Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)
26.500 €


The programme is designed to help you to thrive in the ultra-competitive and multicultural Marketing workplace.

You will quickly grasp the main elements of marketing strategy through real-life situations (such as sales force, market research, promotions, etc.) and how to apply them in complex market environments. In addition, you can choose one of the professional tracks offered in the programme, depending on your professional or personal interests.

As well as developing the ability to envisage and implement sophisticated strategies, you'll benefit from ESADE's focus on teamwork. Working with classmates from diverse national backgrounds and cultures, and integrating CSR values and communications technology, guarantees that you'll emerge well-prepared for the arena of international business.

The programme offers you the possibility of delving into the function or sector of your choice and gaining the knowledge you need for a successful career in any company anywhere in the world.

Cluster Specialisation

Specialise in one of the following industries and make the most of ESADE's location in the dynamic city of Barcelona, a global reference in all three areas:

  • E-commerce and technology

  • Fashion

  • Sports

Marketing Function specialisation

Tailor your programme depending on your area of interest within the field of Marketing. You can choose from one of three fields:

  • Brand / Communication

  • Research / Consulting

  • Sales

Profession in Action is a voluntary initiative designed especially for MSc students that want to pursue a career in the branding, communication or sales areas. The purpose of this initiative is to offer students a view of Marketing professionals' day-to-day responsibilities.
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  • Business Integration Path (BIP)
  • Welcome Week
  • Term 1: Keys to a Career in Marketing
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Term 2: Developing a Marketing profile
  • Term 3: Electives
  • Summer term
  • Graduation

What to do after an MSc:

Extend your studies another year, including a 10-week internship abroad, and make this an incredible international experience.

Double Degrees
Spend a second year in one of our prestigious partner schools around the world and achieve an official degree from both institutions (External Double Degree), or combine two complementary ESADE MSc programmes to suit your personal career goals (Internal Double Degree).


Admissions requirements: ESADE Master in Management programmes are primarily intended for those with undergraduate degrees in Business Administration or Economics. 

Those with other degrees are still welcome to apply to these programmes. The Admissions Committee will assess their candidacy and if admitted, they will be required to enrol in the Business Integration Path (BIP) course. The latter serves to gives these students a grounding in management basics and usually starts three weeks before the beginning of the regular Master's programme classes. The BIP also includes an online module that usually starts around the beginning of July.

Before beginning the MSc Management programme, students must have earned an undergraduate degree entitling them to undertake postgraduate studies in the degree-granting country. 


Start date 2017: 19th September, 2017. The Business Integration Path (BIP) course starts on 4th September, 2017 (only for those students required to take it).

Lugar donde se imparte el curso

Barcelona Sant Cugat Campus


When you graduate, you will be able to:

  • Manage Marketing functions effectively and creatively, demonstrating a high degree of flexibility and adaptability to changing environments.

  • Build a systemic vision of the organisation and the complexity of its local and global context, and communicate this vision to teams, clients and other stakeholders.

  • Research, analyse and synthesise in a way that fosters critical thought and supports informed decision-making.

  • Develop a sensitivity to the intangible elements that form part of the solutions valued by customers and all other stakeholders.

Perspectivas laborales

Brand Manager
Lifecycle Manager
Online Marketing Manager
Product Manager
Research Analyst
Store Leader
Trade Marketer


Fees (2017-2018): 

  • MSc in Marketing Management (MKT): € 26,500

  • MKT + CEMS: € 36,500

  • MKT + Internal Double Degree: € 38,500

  • MKT + External Double Degree: € 36,500

Scholarships: ESADE has a wide range of scholarships available.


26.500 €

Ventajas del curso

Marketers play a crucial role in any organisation's performance. They are the professionals responsible for adding value to what companies offer, based on their in-depth knowledge of the consumer, the industry, and market trends. This is an essential position for every company in every industry. Consequently, the recruitment potential is unlimited.

Marketing offers good opportunities for career advancement, even to the level of General Manager or CEO.

Marketing is a broad field with countless specialisation opportunities.

It's a challenging occupation that requires technical skills, creativity, strategic thinking, analysis and many other abilities.

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Máster MSc in Marketing Management

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Máster MSc in Marketing Management