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In recent years we have had to deal with in a business crisis, as a result of the global financial and economic situation. These circumstances have radically transformed the role of Finance Management in companies. From a role focused on supervising, implementing and controlling funds relatively initially easy to obtain, the Finance Manager has felt the need to take part in the firms strategic management, providing value to tackle the scarcity of resources as well as providing planning, negotiating and risk analysis expertise.

There has been a transition from management to adding value in a situation where economy and financial markets are liberalized, where they are concentrated, and where they offer a wide range of new and innovative products. The role of the Finance Manager is, and will continue to be, critical in the management team of the company, even if  the economic cycle changes, or in those economies or sectors that are not in recession. Accordingly, academic training in this area will enable anyone who possesses it to enjoy the benefits  of a greater employability in his or her professional career, in addition to better opportunities of  professional promotion. This is why our program has been designed to train professionals to acquire technical knowledge of the finance sector, in addition to developing managerial skills in the area of decision-making that will be demanded in the labour market.

EAE's Executive MBA offers participants the chance to do a Residential Program at University of Quebec (Canada).
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Module 1 - Financial markets and instruments
  • Ethical and Financial Fundamentals
  • Global Macroeconomic analysis and financial markets
  • Fixed income markets
  • Stock markets
  • Derivative instruments
Module 2 - Financial advice and planning
  • Financial products
  • Asset management
  • Financial advice and planning
Module 4 - External practices - Internship
Module 5 - Minor
Module 6 - Final Master Thesis

Prueba de acceso

The main objective of the admissions process is to ensure the candidates' suitability for the program by looking at their professional experience and their academic background.


Full Time.

Idiomas en los que se imparte

This program will be conducted in English.


Full time.


Open convocatory: October.
Duration: 12 months.


  • Acquiring a strategic vision of finance and its position within the overall strategy of the company. 

  • Equipping participants to make financial decisions in line with the company's strategic objectives. 

  • Gaining a command of the various techniques, instruments and tools used in the financial management of companies. 

  • Developing the crucial competences and skills to be able to lead a modern company successfully from a financial perspective. 

Perspectivas laborales

The most common professional exits are the following:

Director of Administration and Finance.
Chief Financial Officer.
Head of Treasury.
Head of administration.


EAE offers special funding, grants and financial support for all candidates accepted on the School's programs.


15.500 €

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Master in Financial Management

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Master in Financial Management