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Curso de Investing in an Unpredictable World

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3.900 €


Investing in an Unpredictable World draws upon the latest thinking on how geopolitics, the analytic models of intelligence agencies like the CIA, and practical insights from behavioral finance can help professionals make better investment decisions.

Competencias para las que te prepara el curso

After the program, you will see the drivers of financial market activity and the biases of individuals –including yourself– more clearly. Your ability to evaluate your competitor, your counterparty, or the next political, economic, social and technological shock will be considerably enhanced. While others wait for reality to conform to generic models, you can be exploiting opportunities.


This program is designed for experienced finance professionals working in areas such as:

  • M&A

  • Corporate finance

  • Investment banking

  • Private equity

  • Venture capital

  • Financial management (CFO, treasurer)

  • Senior management (CEO , Board member, CIO, CRM , Chief Strategist)

  • Asset management

  • Wealth Management

  • Family and multi-family offices

  • Research and analysis

  • Trading

  • Risk management

  • Insurance

This program assumes knowledge of the fundamentals of finance theory and of the operation of capital markets.

Idiomas en los que se imparte



9:00- 18:00.


19 Jun 2017 - 21 Jun 2017.


3.900 €

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Curso de Investing in an Unpredictable World

Curso de Investing in an Unpredictable World