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The world of business and the very dynamic and competitive current situation of economic uncertainty demands professionals with solid knowledge of different management areas, personal and professional skills such as adaptability, critical thinking, determination and creativity, and profound leadership capabilities for digital transformation and innovation.
To address this and create exceptional leaders, EAE Business School and the University of California at Berkeley have partnered to offer an International MBA in Barcelona combining our flagship and world-class full time MBA program with a unique Specialization Track in Digital Transformation and Innovation Management at Berkeley.
This track will offer EAE IMBA students an in-depth understanding of the latest technological innovation trends and expert insights on the transformation of business development, managerial practice and growth strategies for the coming decade. Students will learn how to use the latest technologies to improve business and manage creative teams to drive innovation.
Taught in English, the International MBA Barcelona - Berkeley is an 11-month journey, on campus, full-time program in Barcelona with a residential period in Berkley, California by the San Francisco Bay Area. The program is intended for professionals with 3 to 7 years of work experience.


EAE's International MBA Barcelona – Berkeley is a state-of-the- art International MBA program that equips you to take on positions of responsibility in any international company and successfully lead digital transformation, change management and innovation company-wide. The program focuses on developing your leadership capacity and gives you a comprehensive and integrated overview of a business, the key factors for grasping the reality of different markets at an international scale as well as equipping you with the core of Digital Transformation Management:
  • Data-driven Business Intelligence
  • Strategy and Leadership
  • Customer-Centric and Technology-Conscious Marketing
  • Organization and Change Management
The program includes an immersive experience in the innovation ecosystem of Silicon Valley and San Francisco through a 2-week residential program. Students and professionals from around the world meet in California to make connections with leading research and industry experts and to learn the leading trends in Digital Transformation and Innovation Management. Become a future-forward leader with this powerful combination from two top institutions.

  • Module 1. Environment and Global Markets- Barcelona
  • Module 2. People Management- Barcelona
  • Module 3. Strategic Management- Barcelona
  • Module 4. Strategic Resources- Barcelona
  • Module 6. MBA Thesis - Barcelona
  • Module 5. Minor - Online
  • Module 6. UCBG Digital Transformation and Innovation Management – Berkeley

Competencias para las que te prepara el curso

Learn how to manage Agile projects and Agile organizational structures. Learn how to use new technologies to drive Innovation. Develop an advanced understanding of high tech products & how to devise impactful marketing strategies for them. Develop competencies in data visualization to create effective dashboards and presentations.

Prueba de acceso

A personal interview is scheduled.


Flexible Start Date: Se trata de una metodología innovadora y flexible que permite ofrecer a los alumnos internacionales un sistema de incorporación continua de varias etapas para que puedan incorporarse a las clases presenciales posterior al comienzo oficial del programa sin problemas. Para la convocatoria de mayo 2021 se ofrecen cuatro etapas/fechas para el on-boarding de los alumnos a las clases presenciales. Solicita información sobre tu programa de interés y un asesor te informará sobre las fechas de incorporación previstas.

Idiomas en los que se imparte

This program will be conducted in English.


Duration: 11 months (60 ECTS). Start date: october.


  • Promote essential knowledge in all the departments of a company: marketing, finance, accounting, human capital and operations.
  • Developing the tools and capacities required for leadership: teamwork, motivation, communication, business ethics and social responsibility.
  • Enhancing the entrepreneurial spirit and laying the foundations for the creation of new businesses, while also fostering innovation and creativity.
  • Evolving with ease in complex and competitive national and international organizations, within a framework of sustainable development.
  • Adapting to and anticipating the need to change the organization with the key objective of remaining competitive.
  • Managing the organization's flexibility in response to new technologies, new markets and the evolution of society.

Titulación obtenida

Students who succesfully pass the course will obtain the Master of Interantional MBA Barcelona - Berkeley degree from EAE Business School. In addition, students who fulfill the established academic requirements will obtain the Master of Interantional MBA Barcelona - Berkeley degree from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona). In order to obtain the degree from partner universities, it is necessary to fufil the requirements established by the institutions.

Perspectivas laborales

At EAE, we train professionals with the profiles in the highest demand from companies and the competences required in the employment market. The knowledge and skills you acquire here and now will have a real impact on your professional life. Start imagining this bright future and take a look at some of the professional opportunities that await you with the International MBA Barcelona - Berkeley. CEO General Director Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Strategic Director Business Developer


EAE offers special funding conditions, grants and aids for candidates accepted on EAE programs.


The academic faculty members boast a wealth of business experience, working as consultants, senior executives and advisors in both private companies and public institutions. Thanks to this well-balanced foundation of first-hand experience, participants on the International MBA Barcelona / New York acquire real knowledge that is constantly updated, underpinned by a solid academic base. Director: Aras Keropyan.


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International MBA Barcelona-Berkeley
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