Ingés B2 (On-line)

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Curso online de Ingés B2.


1. Living in America
Lesson Objectives:
Reply to general questions about your daily life in the US: Where do you live? What is your job? What are your hobbies?

Vocabulary Themes:
Communication and Intellect
  • Oral communication
Economy and Trade
  • Products, merchandise
  • People and professions
  • Learning and knowledge
  • The educational process
  • Language, reading and writing
Judgment and Opinion
  • Necessity, ability and difficultyWork Environment
  • Professions and hierarchy
  • Corporate life
"That" and dependent clauses"To be likely"Omission of certain prepositions

2. Cultural Exercises
Lesson Objectives: Discover and broaden your knowledge of the culture of the country or countries where the language is spoken.

3. Seeing the USA
Lesson Objectives: Talk about different means of transportation, lifestyles and pastimes.

Vocabulary Themes:
Communication and Intellect
  • Awareness, memories, forgetting
  • Greetings, being polite Family, Identity, Social Life
  • Family life
  • Identity
Transportation Terms
  • Public transportation
Judgment and Opinion
  • Originality, commonality
Air and Rail Transportation
  • Traveling by train or plane
Grammar: "Which" - "What"Uses of "so"The notion of means.

4. The Post Office
Lesson Objectives: Learn to ask questions, to give your address, to pick up a package and to buy stamps at the post office.

Vocabulary Themes:
Making Contact
  • Written correspondence
Economy and Trade
  • DeliveryHousing
  • Real estate
  • People and professionsTime
  •  ScheduleCities and Towns
  • Places and buildings
To be interested in"Few"
- "A few"
- "many"

5. Seminar Planning
Lesson Objectives: Reserve a hotel room. Organize a seminar, set the date and number of participants, choose the services required. Arrange for payment.

Vocabulary Themes:
Communication and Intellect
  • Oral communication
  • Obtaining information
  • Greetings, being polite
Judgment and Opinion
  • Necessity, ability and difficultyHousing
  • Living spacesSports
  • People and professionsTime
  • Schedule
The perfect conditional
Infinitive clause"To be left"
- "To have left"

6. Insurance & Banking
Lesson Objectives: Learn vocabulary related to the world of insurance and banking (coverage, life insurance, cash transfer, account number).

Vocabulary Themes:
Administration and Law
  • Law and Justice
  • Crimes and misdemeanors
Economy and Trade
  • Buying, selling
  • People and professions
Finance and Insurance
  • Insurance
  • BankingWork Environment
  • Corporate life
The main postpositions"Little"
  • "A little"
  • "Much"Invariable cardinal numbers


The "All skills" Language Program allows students to work on all the skills and knowledge areas of the target language. All the activities, resources and exercises of the method are included, enabling students to establish a close link between comprehension and production. This varied Language Program includes all the lessons for one level of the method and allows students to review concepts and rules they have already learned, to maintain their current level, or to progress even further. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening, as well as grammar and vocabulary, are all included.

Ingés B2 (On-line)

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