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Curso online de Ingés A2.


1. Weather Report
Lesson Objectives: Ask questions about the weather forecast and name the days of the week. Learn the different weather conditions.

Vocabulary Themes : Weather
  • Cold, snow
  • Wind, sky
  • Temperature and heat
  • Rain, storms
  • Sun, heat
Grammar: Construction of the past tenseQuestion tags"The same . . . as"

2. The Canoe Trip
Lesson Objectives: Describe the weather conditions encountered in the past.
Vocabulary Themes:
Defining Space
  • Movements, movingNature and Geography
  • Natural disasters- Sun, heat
  • Rain, stormsWeather
  • Wind, sky
  • Weather forecastFashion
  • ClothesTime
  • The present
  • The future
  • The past- Seasons
  • Grammar
  • "Everybody" - "Nobody"Adverbs of timeThe adverb "that""To get" + adjective

3. Vacation Time
Lesson Objectives: Make plans to go on vacation. Describe what you pack in your suitcases.
Vocabulary Themes:
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Accessories Sea Transportation
  • Traveling by sea
  • Technical termsVacations and Traveling
  • Tourist activities
  • Accessories Sports
  • Sporting activities
Grammar: Use of the past tenseThe near future: BE + INGPossessive pronouns

4. At the Shore
Lesson Objectives: Learn vocabulary related to beach vacations (beach, lotion, life jackets).
Vocabulary Themes:
Sea Transportation
  • Traveling by seaVacations and Traveling
  • AccessoriesSports
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Sporting activitiesNature and Geography
  • Water
  • MineralsFashion
  • Clothes
Grammar: Construction of compound nounsUse of "so" to express a goal"Also" - "As well" - "Too"

5. Free Time
Lesson Objectives: Describe your tastes in music and other leisure activities. Talk about your plans to go out.
Vocabulary Themes:
  • Time- HolidaysFamily, Identity, Social Life- Social lifeThe Arts- Music- Movies- Singing- TheaterPersonality and Feelings- TastesGames, Leisure and Entertainment- Leisure activities
Grammar: Use of the present conditional"Regular superlatives"Irregular superlatives

6. At the Lake:
Lesson Objectives: State your likes and dislikes (to love, to hate). Learn general vocabulary about leisure activities, such as an outing at the lake.
Vocabulary Themes:
Games, Leisure and Entertainment
  • Leisure activitiesSports
  • Sporting activities
  • Clothing and accessoriesThe Arts
  • MusicVacations and Traveling
  • Tourist activitiesFamily, Identity, Social Life
  • Social life
Grammar: ""Can" - "Could" - "To be able to""The present subjunctiveIrregular comparatives

7. Cultural Exercises
Lesson Objectives: Discover and broaden your knowledge of the culture of the country or countries where the language is spoken.

8. Arrival in New York
Lesson Objectives: Learn to answer the questions you might be asked at the airport upon arrival. State where you are going, for how long and with whom.
Vocabulary Themes:
Air and Rail Transportation
  • Places
  • Baggage
  • Traveling by train or plane
  • Departure and arrivalNature and Geography
  • World geography
  • Countries, nationalities, languagesCommunication and Intellect
  • Oral communication
  • Obtaining informationCities and Towns
  • Places and buildings- Public placesTransportation Terms- People and professions
  • Stages of a journey
Grammar: "Construction of the present perfect continuous"Use of the present perfect continuous""Either . . . or" - "Neither . . . nor""Direct and indirect questions

9. Cultural Exercises
Lesson Objectives: Discover and broaden your knowledge of the culture of the country or countries where the language is spoken.
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