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Fashion Visual Merchandising

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This course will give you the opportunity to discover the techniques of visual merchandising and

visual display in order to maximise the profitability of a display or of a store.

additionally you will learn the concepts of customer experience necessary to create a unique buying engagement for every customer.

Week 1

merchandising techniques: emotional visual and organisational visual.

visual elements of communication outside the retail store: location, analysis of the external sign, the façade, accesses and windows (distinguishing between commercial, prestigious and advertising).

focus on window displays: research and tools to create windows.

project 1 - merchandising book.

the guidelines: uses and purposes.

Week 2

layout of a retail point.

elements of visual communication within the shop: analysis of the area, space assignment according to sales objectives.

identify the ideal consumer path, product and equipment display.

giving importance to product grouping.

project 2 - merchandising book.

the shop: image and window display.

Week 3

display techniques.

walls: research and creation techniques.

levels of displaying, sales and analysis of the “reading” process from the consumer side.

vertical and horizontal display: meaning and creation criterias.

the costumer loyalty, after selling techniques and focus on the overall “customer experience”.

project 3 - merchandising book.

the product: display and layout.
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Fashion Visual Merchandising

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Fashion Visual Merchandising