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The UCAM Online based Expert Program in Dental Sleep Medicine provides the dentist with a solid knowledge on the foundations of sleep physiology and sleep medicine as well as consolidated training on specific issues which are paramount to the correct diagnostic, evaluation, and management / treatment of patients with different sleep related disorders. Given its major epidemiologic relevance, this course will focus on Primary/Secondary Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea-Hypopnea Syndrome (OSA). The high number of people who present with these conditions require treatment in order to avoid significant consequences affecting their health and quality of life. The social and economic costs of the misdiagnosis of sleep disorders are dramatic, with strong impact on global health and economy. The behavioral strategies that dentists are able to use may add to the success of the treatment of many sleep conditions.  Appropriate referral to different specialist depends on a correct suspicion and identification that needs skills gained through training and practice. Treatment options available to the physician dealing with OSA are, among others, Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD) and maxillary expansion, which are performed by the sleep-trained dentist. With such expertise, in addition to his/her potential in the area of ??respiratory function, the «sleep dentist» is the right professional for the evaluation and management of motor sleep disorders with orofacial manifestation and for the treatment of chronic orofacial pain interfering with sleep disorders.


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Competencias para las que te prepara el curso

Students will learn new technologies, applied both to diagnosis (two and three-dimensional cephalometry, CBCT, Polysomnography, Cardio-respiratory polygraphy, etc.) and to treatment (3D intraoral scanner and 3D printing of devices). The key elements in the design of a MAD will be studied in depth in order to understand how they work and perform the correct handling of current models (NOA, Narval, Somnomed, Orthoapnea, Forwardi, Telescopic Advancer, etc.). Also, to optimize skills in differential diagnosis and referral, the global role of sleep pathophysiology and medicine is presented in parallel. You can visit a Hospital Sleep Unit where you can interact with different specialists and see the functioning of a multidisciplinary team. Students will be guided in the scientific method that will lead to lines of research and the presentation of a Final Project.


Who is it for?
  • General and specialty dentists
  • Physicians with training/interest in Dental Medicine / Oral Medicine
  • Graduate students in Orthodontics or other dental specialties


The program, designed by a team of worldwide recognized experts among the different fields of sleep medicine, will allow the student to integrate major theoretical and practical bases sustaining an ideal clinical practice. This multidisciplinary approach, a fundamental pillar in DSM, is the strength and unique advantage of this academic program with keynote lectures. At the end of the course, the student will be able to start evaluating and treating patients with snoring and OSA in their daily practice, and become part of a worldwide network of expert professionals in sleep medicine The expert program has options for enrollment. All three modalities include the same program content and the same number of hours and credits ects: 3 face-to-face modules of 25 hours and online activity for 4 months; an intensive module of one week of 60 hours and online activity for 4 months; exclusively online activity for 12 months.

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Duration: 1 year. Start date: 15 Ene 2021 End date: 30 Dic 2021


  • Know the fundamentals of the physiology and neurobiology of sleep, sleep functions and the interaction with biological rhythms, particularly circadian rhythms.
  • Identify the normal deviations in sleep and the main classification of sleep related pathology (ICSD-3)
  • Know the basics of breathing and sleep, as well as the pathophysiology of breathing during sleep and the implications of these in the treatment of OSA.
  • Understand the medical diagnostic techniques of OSA to carry out an adequate multidisciplinary diagnosis, and the suitability of the placement of a MAD, through a complete intraoral and extraoral dental diagnosis.
  • Study the phenotypes associated with OSA and snoring, which will allow the effective treatment to be planned and carried out safely.
  • Know and apply Dental Sleep Medicine treatments currently available with scientific criteria and according to current protocols.
  • Acquire the necessary skills to be able to carry out the entire clinical process of the main types of Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD) from design and manufacture, through delivery, adjustment, and monitoring.
  • Learn to take the device's constructive bite advance registration with different methods such as George's Gauge, Somnogauge, and others. Manage the Titration process or gradual advance to obtain the appropriate result.
  • Carry out a protocol for the evaluation of patients in the short, medium and long term through control and follow-up adjusted to current guidelines. Know in detail the possible complications or unfavorable circumstances that may appear throughout the treatment to be able to prevent them and know how to treat them if necessary.

Titulación obtenida

University Expert: 22 ECTS credits.


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Academic Direction: Pedro Mayoral Sanz Teachers: Francesca Milano Christopher Pantin Andrés Pinto Manuel Lagravere Carlos Flores-Mir
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Expert in Dental Sleep Medicine
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