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UOC X - Xtended Studies

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Learn the language of Cervantes, the second-most spoken language on the planet, and get to know the cultures all around the world where it is spoken. Study Spanish online and bring your ideas to life.

Our online level A1 Spanish courses are for people who have no previous experience of learning Spanish. We use interactive self-correcting materials that introduce students to receptive language skills, and our communicative methodology integrates grammar and use of the language in a way that helps students discoverhow Spanish is structured and used.

Productive language skills are practised both individually and in groups, and the feedback provided is personalised. Upon completion of level A1 students will have basic competencies that allow them to express themselves in everyday situations with simple phrases to fulfil essential needs: introductions, asking for and providing basic information, and conversing at an elementary level.



Learn in a digital environment that fosters language skills by practising reading, writing, listening and speaking. You will use Spanish with your fellow classmates and learn using various resources. Your instructor will guide you at all times in the virtual classroom and will give you feedback on the assessed course activities.
You are free to organise your studies according to your needs and time availability. However, you will be assessed in activities – both individual and in groups, oral and written. You will receive details about these on the first day of the course.
You will need to devote 100 hours' study time to the course (6-7 hours per week), divided into individual study, virtual classroom participation and assessed activities. There is no final exam; you can pass this subject with continuous work throughout the semester. You will need a computer with a broadband connection, earphones and a microphone, and a webcam for recording yourself for the assessed speak


Con flexibilidad horaria, geográfica y con tu día a día.


261 €

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Cursos Español online spanish courses

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Cursos Español online spanish courses