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El IED Barcelona es el único centro en España que imparte el Bachelor of Arts (Honours) en Fashion Marketing and Communication otorgado por la Universidad de Westminster. Desde 2010 ofrece la oportunidad de combinar los estudios de la prestigiosa universidad, impartidos íntegramente en inglés, con la experiencia IED de la ciudad de Barcelona.
El curso forma profesionales que disponen del conocimiento y de las habilidades del marketing y la comunicación para desenvolverse en el entorno profesional de la moda. La experiencia del IED y su fuerte vínculo con las industrias de la moda y del diseño, aportan una formación en la que la adaptabilidad y la eficiencia adquieren una posición de relevancia.


The Fashion Marketing & Communication module provides a basic knowledge of the marketing research, planning and communication processes, while giving an overview of fashion product and materials. The module focuses on fashion marketing and communication concepts, practices, applications and research methodologies, thus covering the major topics of interest from a strategic point of view (target, positioning and brand values definition) and from an operational point of view (product, price, promotion and distribution policies). The main object of fashion, the product and its materials, is described through all its life cycle.

The Fashion Management module focuses on the basic elements defining the structure and dynamics of the hybrid fashion business at both company and systemic level. General operations alongside principles and tools of strategy management will be reframed from the perspective of the fashion enterprises hybrid nature; the needs for coordination between the creative/design and manufacturing and marketing competences will be highlighted and analysed in depth. Value creation in the fashion business will be analysed as a system wide process, highlighting the role of value networks and system wide supply chain relationships with a special focus on the publishing sector as a key partner in the fashion business.

The Fashion and Art module provides a first approach to Fashion Culture through the study of basic contents related to the world of visual arts and historical events. A basic frame of references regarding Western Culture (European and North-American artistic movements of the 20th century, Western fashion from the mid-19th to today) and a set of tools for reading it, will be provided.

The Data representation, text and image editing module introduces the students to computer aided representation and calculating techniques to create graphic and scheduling designs. It focuses on the major calculation program Excel to provide students with a support to main marketing tasks. In parallel, it introduces students to the use of Adobe Suite, bitmap based Photoshop and vector based Illustrator, as creative tools to visualise ideas and produce experimental designs for the development and delivery of fashion oriented projects.

The Communication Techniques and Strategy 1 module provides a first approach to the world of communication, its techniques and strategies (writing and developing a communication plan for the fashion industry) within the fashion sector.

Marketing Techniques and Strategy 1 provides a first approach to marketing role within a fashion company focusing on one main profession (merchandiser), thus leading to the development of a complete marketing strategy.

The transversal workshops will be assessed across the other Level 4 Modules. Their content will vary according to each year's demands. As an example, some of the topics that may be included in Level 4 are: Design thinking in fashion communication, Academic Writing, Public speaking, etc.

The Fashion Communication Techniques and Digital Media Marketing module provides an advanced approach to fashion marketing and communication through a set of in-depth contents related to the world of digital marketing and communication strategies (digital resources and content, strategy, consumer insights, transmedia and budgeting aspects).

The Fashion Trends, Consumer and Language Culture module focuses on the development of a more articulate and active approach on Fashion Culture. The module is designed to provide the fundamental tools to analyse the lifestyles and consumer trends that characterise the most advanced Western societies today.text layout organization, video techniques and languages

Provides students with a developed approach to computer aided Representation Techniques by using the Adobe Publishing Suite, acquiring notions at the roots of the contemporary audio-video expression, and working on the analysis, development and use of video for diverse communication purposes.

The Marketing Techniques & Strategy 2 module provides an overall overview of the Fashion distribution system from wholesale pricing to product communication in the point of sale. Students will acquire familiarity with all the distribution typologies, both physical and digital, proprietary or intermediate, full and off price. The attention is focused on the store - how to fill it in with the proper merchandise and how to display the products.

The Communication Techniques and Strategy 2: Fashion Promotion module provides students with an advanced approach to fashion communication techniques and strategies through a set of contents related to the world of fashion communication in a broad sense (events, digital resources and content, communication practical strategy).

TRANSVERSAL WORKSHOPS LEVEL 5 The transversal workshops will be assessed across the other Level 5 Modules. Their content will vary according to each year's demands. As an example, some of the topics that may be included in Level 5 are: Academic Writing, Presentation Skills, Public speaking, etc.

The International Branding and Sustain - ability module focuses on the ethical aspects in a profit-driven fashion compa - ny, with an interest in the concepts of CSR, management for stakeholders and sus - tainability. The course will cover the topic as relevant to the company as a whole; product design, sourcing and manufac - turing processes, brand and marketing management; brand creation and devel - opment over time, with specific regards to the BRICS markets.

The Business Modelling and Management module concentrates on the roles and essential skills for a successful fashion business. The entrepreneurial focus of this subject drives students through the process of developing a comprehensive and feasible business plan, understanding the company value chain from product to market including its competitive advantage, which is essential to start a new business or manage an existing one. The course provides a concrete insight into fashion business world by illustrating the main steps and requirements (competencies, skills and personality traits) to enter the fashion world and comply with the demands of the different functions and roles within this business.

The Visual Arts module is an advanced approach to Fashion Culture as it takes into account the world of contemporary visual art (particularly, photography and video). This will be critically read through a substantial application of Sociology and Semiotic tools for observation, research and conscious use of varied languages in an increasingly complex, digitalised world. Students will develop abilities to both deliver an articulate critique of today's multifaceted culture and personally reinterpret it through the creation of a project that reflects the current evolution of aesthetics and perspective on the fashion world.

The Marketing Techniques and Strate - gies 3 module provides a professional approach to Fashion, through a set of high-level contents related to the world of fashion marketing in a broad sense, and a personal plan for the development of stu - dents' future career (merchandising plan, marketing strategy and entrepreneurial/ personal development skills).

The Communication Techniques and Strategies 3 module provides a profes - sional approach to Fashion through a set of high-level contents related to the world of fashion communication in a broad sense, and a personal plan for the devel - opment of students' future career (art direction, communication strategy, digital resources and entrepreneurial/personal development skills

The transversal workshops will be assessed across the other Level 6 Modules. Their content will vary according to each year's demands. As an example, some of the topics that may be included in Level 6 are: Transmedia storytelling, Digital Identity, Big Data, etc.

The Major Project provides the avenue for students to combine the skills and knowledge acquired from all modules taught during the course into one cohesive project, with a creative freedom that allows identifying a new perspective concerning different marketing & communication concepts. The Major Project begins with a concept research, for which students are required to undertake an in-depth, relevant, and exhaustive investigation of the selected topic and to develop the research into a coherent project. The student has to define the target market, consumer insights, budget, marketing plan for their idea, including an overall graphic layout / identity. It requires students to combine elements from all aspects of fashion marketing and communication, including marketing, branding, entrepreneurial thinking, fashion and visual culture, a deep strategic approach and a solution-based attitude, as well as a developed sense of aesthetics and design.

Competencias para las que te prepara el curso

Este BA (Hons) está concebido para alentar las nuevas percepciones y potenciar la comprensión y la implicación del alumno en múltiples aspectos: adquirir conocimientos, técnicas especializadas y otras aptitudes necesarias para alcanzar un alto grado de profesionalidad que lo capaciten a posicionarse en la industria del marketing y la comunicación de la moda una vez graduado.


El curso forma profesionales que disponen del conocimiento y de las habilidades del marketing y la comunicación para desenvolverse en el entorno profesional de la moda. 


  • Age - be 18 years old by December 31st of the first year of the course
  • Transcripts of their last year of high school (or equivalent, translated into English or Spanish) 
  • Motivational Letter (500-600 words). Tell us why you've chosen this Course and why you want to study with us.
  • Submit a 500-600 words essay


Este curso ofrece una trayectoria formativa que enseña al alumno a desarrollar las habilidades de escritura y articulación, comunicación y presentaciones, negociación y venta, autoconciencia e impacto, así como la capacidad de colaboración. Las herramientas clave de trabajo son la investigación, el desarrollo conceptual, la visualización y el prototyping de las ideas, y la presentación de los proyectos.

Idiomas en los que se imparte



Duración: 6 semestres. Primer año: del 1/10/2020 al 2/7/2021. Créditos: 360 UK credits


  • El primer año del curso está centrado en adquirir un amplio conocimiento fundamental, saber aplicar una variedad de capacidades especializadas, evaluar la información usándola para planear estrategias de investigación, definir soluciones para una variedad de incidentes imprevisibles y trabajar eficientemente en contextos específicos y variados, responsabilizándose de la naturaleza y la calidad de los resultados.
  • El segundo año tiene como objetivo que el estudiante genere ideas a través del análisis de conceptos a nivel abstracto, tenga dominio de las aptitudes específicas y la formulación de respuestas para problemas definidos y abstractos, analice y evalúe la información, efectúe valoraciones significativas mediante un amplio espectro de funciones, y acepte la responsabilidad de definir y alcanzar los resultados a nivel personal y de grupo.
  • El tercer año está focalizado en la revisión, desde una perspectiva crítica, la consolidación y la ampliación de conocimientos de forma estructurada y coherente. Siempre haciendo uso de las habilidades específicas para el área de estudio, evaluar, con espíritu crítico, conceptos y pruebas de múltiples fuentes, trasladar y aplicar las habilidades de diagnóstico y creativas, y emitir juicios significativos en situaciones diversas, además de asumir la responsabilidad de establecer y alcanzar objetivos personales o del equipo.

Titulación obtenida

Bachelor of Arts validated by the University of Westminster.

Perspectivas laborales

Editor de moda, visual merchandiser, responsable de prensa, relaciones públicas, product merchandiser, comprador de moda, gestor de comunidades, asesor de moda, gestor de diseño, jefe de producto, organizador de eventos de moda, periodista especializado, emprendedor, etc. Ex alumnos IED MANAGEMENT trabajan en: Diesel Iberia, Mango, H Magazine, Surgery, Bread&Butter, Carion Wester, Harrods, Inditex, Net-a-porter, Reebok, XXL, Equipo Singular, Levi's Strauss Iberia,, Hebe Media London,, Carin Wester Stockholm, Superga Turin, Surgery PR London, London, McGregor Fashion Group Amsterdam, Desigual Barcelona, etc.


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Coordinadora del BA: Cristina Lastra.
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BA (Hons) in Fashion Marketing and Communication
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