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Curso de Adobe Flash CS6.

Curso en línea de CS6 Flash potente software de edición, diseñado para la creación de animaciones y contenido multimedia.


Session 1 includes:

An Introduction: Dealing with accessibility; development
decisions; criteria and consistency, the introduction looks at
project considerations to ensure a successful outcome by planning from day 1.

The Flash Interface: This section looks at the Flash workspace, panels, templates and properties, along with keyboard shortcuts and preferences, to help you be efficient with your use of Flash.

Drawing & Creation Tools: Explore the options for drawing, painting and creating 3D objects with a number of different tools.

Paths & Text: Learn how to create readable text, understand text menus and threaded text blocks to make copy come to life in Flash.

Session 2 includes:

Symbols & Masks: Get to grips with symbol display, filtering and editing and work through an introduction to masks.

Timeline: Build layers, frames, folders and buttons in Timeline.

Animation & Advanced Animation: Create and explore armature and shape tweens, using the bind and bone tools, along with joint rotation, and the onion skin tool to create frame by frame animation.

Layout: Make the most of your layouts using rulers and guides. View webpage examples, headers and buttons and get an introduction to ActionScript.

The Library: Flash makes a set of common libraries available from the menu bar, to provide guidance and reference points for you. You can also build up your own as you go along, to store useful information for future use.

Session 3 includes:

Storyboards: Create storyboards for your designs in Flash.

Copyright: Understand the legalities of copyright and how to cite internet content to safeguard yourself and your designs.

Audio & Video: Learn how to import and steam sound and video files, looping and adding them to Timeline.

Imports: Experiment with importing graphics, editing photos, adding vector graphics and animating PSD files.

ActionScript: Get under the skin of object-orientated programming, basic website construction, code snippets and script assist mode.

Publishing: A detailed section covering several considerations around publishing different types of multimedia on a number of different platforms. Elements explored include file compression, dynamic image loading, image settings, bandwidth requirements, and simulating downloads.


Accessibility & Testing: To ensure you're designing in line with compliance specifications this part of the course looks into accessibility, testing usability to ensure your designs will pass the tests.

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Adobe Flash CS6

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