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  • Facebook for business

    From setting up your timeline, to attracting fans to your page, to sponsoring stories, to measuring engagement, we look at the whole spectrum of opportunities that this social media platform offers. ·   How to use its features effectively ·   How to optimise your profile ·   How to attract new audiences ·   How to market yourself creatively ...
    On-line | Semi-presencial | Presencial Barcelona
    5 Horas
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  • Social Media Strategy for Business Diploma (Community Manager)

    This course has been designed to ensure you feel comfortable using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ by the end of it. We take the most popular social media platforms and work through these step by step. We also delve into how using video within your social media plans can boost your SEO, and we piece all the elements together to help you see how to create effective business strategies for social media engagement. Practical skills on how to use the different social platforms, combined w ...
    Distancia | Semi-presencial | Presencial Barcelona
    9 Horas
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  • Experto Universitario en Inteligencias múltiples

    Adquiere una visión neuropsicológica de la educación en el ámbito escolar, profesional y familiar y descubre cómo mejorar el proceso de aprendizaje de los alumnos de una manera innovadora y práctica.  Con el título de Experto Universitario en Inteligencias múltiples de UNIR, podrás especializarte en las diferentes inteligencias que existen: inteligencia lingüística, lógico-matemática, viso-espacial, musical, corporal, naturalista y emocional (intrapersonal e interpersonal). El Experto Univer ...
    2.100 €
    10 Créditos
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  • MBI- Master in Business Innovation (Bilbao)

    10 reasons for choosing the MBI     Allow yourself the time and space to integrate the latest practice and thinking into your own professional context as you complete the different modules of the Programme.     Participate in a programme that puts international benchmarking at the core, with seven modules taught in five European cities.     Be part of a unique modular Master programme designed to suit your needs in advancing your personal and professional development as an innovation leader ...
    Bilbao (Bizkaia)
    23.800 €
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