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Master's Degree in Energy and Climate Change

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If you like to learn actively, travelling all over the world discovering new and exciting locations, this is a Master program designed for you. This Master's program gives to students a comprehensive approach to energy and climate change challenges, combining scientific and engineering principles and applications. The fantastic overseas locations in which are developed give to student a unique opportunity for applying the scientific and applied technical engineering knowledge taught during the modules.

Energy and Climate Change are both interconnected disciplines and science and technology combines the most practical approach for solving new energy and climate change challenges. The common semester of this Master`s program offers a multidisciplinary approach and builds a solid base for students. This Master´s program offers two Mentions: a Mention in Energy Engineering and a Mention in Climate Change. The devastating effects of Climate Change, including flood events, the rise of sea level, the loss of ecosystems as well as the monitoring and prediction of Earth´s Climate are some concepts studied in the Mention in Climate Change. The leading edge technology of energy, the engineering of power plants and carbon capture storage science and technology are some of the lines studied in the Mention in Energy Engineering. This Master's program offers field trips worldwide to key geographical locations in other continents for the practical study of climate change as well as industrial visits to energy engineering plants giving to students a broad view and perspective on energy and climate change-related issues.
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First half
  • Geothermal energy: science, technology and engineering
  • Science, engineering and technology of nuclear energy
  • A global perspective on Earth's climate evolution
  • Engineering and science of solar and wind energies
  • Technology of hydroelectric, tidal and biomass energy
  • The Dynamic Earth
Second half: Mention in Energy Engineering
  • Carbon capture and storage (CCS)
  • Smart Grids
  • Leading edge technology in energy science and engineering
  • Advanced engineering of power plants
  • Master's Thesis
Second half: Mention in Climate Change
  • Research on recent climate change
  • Geoengineering: science, ethics and regulations
  • Impact of climate change on human populations and infraestructures
  • Multidisciplinary approach to climate change; environmental impact, modelling and projections
  • Master's Thesis
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Graduates from a Science, Technology or Engineering degree will find in this Master's program a unique opportunity for widening their knowledge on real climate change-related problems affecting human settlements and ecosystems, the evolution of Earth's climate system and the consequences of its changes, as well as engineering and science of the different sources of energy.

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60 ECTS.

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Master's Degree in Energy and Climate Change

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Master's Degree in Energy and Climate Change

Master's Degree in Energy and Climate Change