Máster en Business Management (english) Barcelona

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    Course duration:
    From October to June
    Tuesday and Thursday from
    19h to 22h or Friday intensive:
    17h to 22h

    FEES TOTAL : 5.950 €
    • To reserve: 1.000 €

    • Rest of the course: at the beginning of the master or through 10 monthly payments of 495 €.
    • If you decide to make a single payment covering the total cost of the master, you will have an special discount of 300 €

    Degrees obtained

    Once completed the total syllabus and study plan from ESERP the student obtain the following degrees:

    Private Master in Business Management degree

    Own degree, Master en Administración y Dirección de Empresas, especialidad en Dirección General - Management, (semi presencial modality)

    Private Master in Business Management Degree
    *The student must complete the correspondent academic students contents
    corresponding to the programs stipulated in the technological platform.

    International Accreditations

    The ESERP students will have the possibility to attend to the international conferences held in our Business School, depending on the academic calendar, obtaining the certifications / accreditations set and approved by these Universities and Schools:

    Faculty Applied Sciences
    Schmalkalden, Germany Staffordshire University
    United Kingdom

    Moscow University of Technologies and
    Management, Russia
    University of Teesside
    United Kingdom

    Management School of Maastrich
    The Nederlands


    The students, during the program will develop:

    High organizational skills, strategic and directive abilities.
    Adaptability to changing environment and technological innovations.
    Ability to create strategic and operational plans with the top executive levels.
    Team working.
    Ability to perform critical analysis and solving abstract situations.
    Efficiency in fast identifying, analyzing problems and reaching the best solution, covering all possible variables.
    Open mind to social, economical and cultural changes.
    To accept and administrate responsibilities.

    Also, the student will develop a high enrichment in the personal, cultural and professional areas while performing daily activities, transforming the lost of learning in benefit of the enterprise productivity, both for the enterprise and organizations.
    Through the teaching, all performed by high qualified business experts, we get to prepare the student with the tools and necessary knowledge to take decisions in the enterprise, organization, business environment, while analyzing: markets globalization, operations quality systems, projects budget organization, sociological variables, strategic planning and productivity analysis, as well as the ethical principles that should be supported in any enterprise by its directors.

    ESERP has a teaching staff that is distinguished by their professional experience tested in the several areas that are imparted. This allows the teachers to expose their subjects with full knowledge of the facts, in a real and operational approach. Likewise, teaching staff members are used to imparting sessions, using the most modern pedagogical methods, and they fill high positions in management for the most important national and foreign companies.

    Teaching staff members reconcile their teaching role with their business activity, through applied research, publication of books, articles, practical cases and technical notes.

    Teaching Staff Profile

    High degree of specialization.
    Masters, Doctors and Grade University degrees.
    Experience in teaching and managerial training.
    Teaching subjects in which they are developing their professional Activity.
    Reconcile the theory and practise with the business reality.

    Guest Faculty Members

    Together with the teaching staff, there are other highly recognised Honorary and Guest Faculty Members; as well as teachers of academic international institutions which ESERP has established collaboration agreements with.



    To have at least one of the following requirements:
    • University Diploma or
    • Accreditation of 3 years professional experience.

  • 60 Credits
    (1500 hours, both in-class and independent study)

    Business Policy and Business Administration. Strategy.

    Strategies and Policies of Marketing Management.

    Economic Control and optimization of results.

    Production Management, Operations, Logistics and Quality Control.

    Commercial Management: organization of commercial networks.

    Managerial Skills: Coaching, Empowerment, Leadership and Organization.

    Economic Analysis of Managerial Decisions.

    Financial Management: Management, Strategy and Value Creation.

    Company Assesments: mergers, procurement, joint-venture.

    Globalization and Internationalization of Markets. Analysis.

    Managerial Ethics and Social Corporate Responsibility.

    Branding: The Management of the Value of a Brand (Know-How).

    The social agents: Union and Employee Head Offices. Cooperation and resolution of labour conflicts.

    Judicial and fiscal treatment of the managerial activities.

    Technological Innovation in the companies. Management of global knowledege.

    Balance Scorecard: strategies design for management.

    Business Game: simulation of Business Management.

    Final Project: Strategic Business Plan.

    (*) Contents, order dates and materials might vary depending on academic schedule changes.

ESERP, Escuela Superior -Barcelona-
ESERP es una institución de prestigio y experiencia reconocida en el ámbito nacional e internacional, oficialmente autorizada para impartir enseñanza de nivel universitario y que ahora cumple veinte años.

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